6 Ways To Organize Your Fridge

September 19th, 2022 by

close up of an organized refrigerator

If you’ve had a hard time keeping your fridge organized, we want you to know it’s not just you. Your fridge is probably one of the most frequented areas of your home. It’s a wonder that the door doesn’t fall off the hinge from being opened and closed so often. All that activity might result in a fridge that has become haphazard and impossible to find anything in. No worries though. We found a list of tips that can help you get your fridge back in order quickly. Check it out.

Start With  A Clean Slate

The first thing you should do is go through everything in your fridge and take inventory. Take everything out of the fridge to get a sense of what you have. Check expiration dates and toss out any expired food, then clean the surfaces before you put everything back.

Organize Your Fridge By Categories

Organizing your fridge by categories will make it easier to see what you have when it’s time to cook or make your grocery list. It will also help you keep things fresh by allowing you to place items in the area of the fridge where they will last the longest. For instance, veggies should go in the crisper, and any juices or sodas should be kept on the door along with condiments.  However, milk and eggs should never be stored on the door. You can use this quick guide to make adjustments. If you decide to use labels to organize your fridge, keep them generic. For instance label a bin “Fruit & Berries” instead of “Grapes”.

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Add Extra Storage

There’s no problem with putting pots, plates, and bowls in the fridge when you’re storing things in a hurry, but streamlined storage containers take up a lot less space and look nicer. Stock up on clear containers so you can see what’s in them. You can also add extra storage to your fridge by installing stackable drawers and bins. Once you’ve added enough storage, you can decant store-bought items like juice boxes, sodas, or yogurts. Remove them from the bulky boxes that they come in and place them in one of your streamlined containers.

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