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Whether you’re behind the wheel of a gleaming new vehicle or one that’s traveled its fair share of miles, introducing some chic car accessories can breathe new life into your ride, providing a personalized touch. Car & Driver has carefully curated a collection of such accessories designed to enhance your driving experience. These offerings cater to a diverse array of vehicles, whether they’re fresh off the lot or boast a few years on the road, seamlessly blending modern functionality with the classic charm of older cars.


Are you experiencing issues with your speedometer or perhaps you’ve recently upgraded your wheels? Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s speed is essential, and with a plugin head-up display (HUD), you can do just that. Not only does it provide accurate speed readings based on GPS data, but it also offers additional features like displaying acceleration data, battery voltage, and trip time. Installation is a breeze – simply plug it into your 12-volt socket, and you’re good to go.

Light Up Your Interior

Interior LED lights have become a hot trend in the automotive world, and an LED light kit can offer a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to choose from up to 16 million different colors. You can even find models that feature a Music mode that synchronizes the light colors with your music’s beat. Installation is a snap – just use adhesive strips to secure the lights in place and plug them into your 12V socket. You’re ready to roll in style.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Tired of those little compartments in your car doors filling up with trash all too quickly? We’ve got a solution for you – our leakproof car trash can. This versatile accessory can be conveniently strapped to your headrests or center console. When you’re not using it for trash, it transforms into additional storage or even a cooler. Keep your vehicle clean and organized with this handy addition.

Stay Organized on the Go

For those who like to keep their car well-organized, our trunk organizer is a game-changer. Boasting multiple storage compartments and a reliable tie-down system, this collapsible organizer ensures your groceries, tools, and more stay secure and easily accessible. It can be placed in your trunk or the front seat, making it a versatile and practical solution for keeping your belongings in order.

Capture Every Moment on the Road

Nowadays you can find cameras that do more than just record. Discover a high-quality camera that not only excels during the day but also delivers exceptional performance at night. Plus, it comes with an integrated dashcam for recording the action in front of you. With this innovative accessory, you’ll never miss a moment during your journeys.

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