Clear Out Your Closet With These Tips

October 24th, 2022 by

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Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but as the seasons change from summer to autumn, you can accomplish a lot with fall cleaning. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to tackle your closet as you transition from your summer wardrobe to your fall clothes. Here are some essential tips for clearing out your closet this fall.

Schedule a Time To Clean Your Closet

Your life can get pretty hectic, and while you may want to start cleaning out your closet, it is not an ideal plan to do part of it one day and stagger out the project as piles of clothes and hangers stay scattered around your room. Instead, set aside a set time to clean out your closet, whether that is Saturday, Thursday evening, or a Monday afternoon. When you schedule that time, stick to that time, and let that be the only thing you do during that time.

Empty Your Closet Into One Big Pile

Empty. Out. Your. Closet. Don’t just grab some of your clothes. Take everything out of there all at once. suggests in their blog that you put that big pile onto your bed. This will help motivate you to finish your project. You can’t go to sleep if everything is on the bed.

Scrub Your Closet

After you have emptied out your closet, literally clean your closet. Take a Magic Eraser and clean any markings on the walls or doors of your closet. Be sure to also dust all the shelves and racks in the closet as well. Last, but not least, sweep or vacuum the floor of your closet as well as any light fixtures that may be in there.

Sort Clothes

You now need to organize your clothes into smaller sections. These sections should be a Keep Pile, a Give-Away Pile, and a Toss Pile. It can be easy to want to keep everything, so approach the Keep Pile cautiously and like a minimalist. Keep items that can be layered and good for any time of year. Choose items that you have worn this year, especially the staple items that you wear multiple times, and can be accessorized easily. The Giveaway Pile is anything that does not fit you or you have not worn in over a year. Your Toss Pile are items that are old and have stains or tears.

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Put Back Your Keep Pile Clothes

After you have sorted through all your items, it is time to put back the clothes you have decided to keep. To get the most use out of your clothes, try assembling them in an organized fashion that works for you. Whether you like things color coordinated or prefer to see things by cut and style. Whatever organization method works best for you, use it to put back your clothes. This may also be a good time to purchase new hangers or install new shelves to make adequate room for your items.

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