Commemorate Memorial Day With These Activities

May 23rd, 2022 by

Memorial Day flags

Many refer to Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer. Although, it’s far more than a day to kick off summer, lay by the pool, take a break from work, and indulge in hot dogs and hamburgers. The last Monday of May is a day of symbolism. This nationally recognized holiday was established so Americans can take the day to remember the military men and women who laid down their lives to fight for our freedoms. You have exactly a week to get to planning, so mark your calendar on Monday, May 30 with these meaningful Memorial Day activities!

Go to a Parade

Most towns will host some sort of parade or celebration of life gathering on Memorial Day. Have everyone in the family dress in red, white, and blue, and bring along their flags to show their patriotism and support. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to barbeque and relax when you get home.

Pull Out the Flags

You can show your support for the military many days before Memorial Day by decorating your yard and home with flags. Also, if there’s a military cemetery near you, gather many flags and place them on each soldier’s tombstone.

Thank the Veteran in Your Life

This is an act you can do every day and not just on Memorial Day. If there’s a veteran you know, be sure to pick up the phone and give them a call on Memorial Day. Better yet, if you see a veteran out in public, be sure to stop and thank them for their service. If you want to extend kindness to someone currently serving, be sure to visit to find out how you can send gifts or write letters to those who are deployed. This would be a great activity to enjoy as a family, as well as a time to share the history and importance of Memorial Day with your kids.

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