Dinner And A Show At Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill

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For many film fans, “dinner and a movie” usually means switching on Netflix at the dinner table, and while that’s just fine, there’s no substitute for the theater experience. That’s why Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill takes your night at the movies to the next level with a full menu of great food.

Dinner & a Movie

Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Gril’s kitchen creates a diverse selection of dishes and treats cooked fresh served directly to your seat. While you watch your feature presentation, you can enjoy a sandwich like the bacon cheddar, entrees like chicken tenders or fish and chips, pizza, or even brunch. Of course, you can also order concession stand mainstays like popcorn and candy.

Curated Cinema

In addition to the latest releases and popular blockbusters, Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill hosts a series of special movie nights to appeal to a wide range of tastes and enhance your movie-going experience. While “dinner and a movie” is already an attractive concept to many film fans, these events are designed to expand on the excitement with special events, family-friendly programming, and even deep cuts for niche audiences. Take a look at these special series and plan for the vent that sounds fun to you:

Movie Parties: Some movies are perfect for interactive experiences, and the theater hosts themed nights of singing, dancing, and more for movie fans that want to do more than sit back and watch the show. There might even be special guests or tie-in events with the community.

Cinematery: Do you like scary movies? If so, then Majestic’s weekly Cinematery deserves a standing spot on your calendar, as it could be your go-to source for classic horror films on the big screen. Films come from all over the world, and they’re hosted by horror buffs to add further frightful flavor to the screening.

Monthly Signature Series: Some films stand the test of time for all kinds of different reasons, from key characters to unforgettable soundtracks, defining moments, or genre-defying style. They all play a part in film history, and this curated series celebrates all kinds of films for their unique cinematic value, whether they’re 35mm treasures, artful animation, or other memorable movies.

Make Your Plans

Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill makes it easy to see what’s in theater and book your showing online, with options for showtimes and even specific seating with just a few click. Take a look at what’s playing now to choose your movie and more. The Majestic theater is located at 1140 E. Baseline Road, Tempe, Arizona 85283.

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