Get Outside With These 8 Yard Games

September 26th, 2022 by

Children have a sack race.

It can be tough to find exciting outdoor activities to do. Sure, you could go for a walk in the park or take your little ones to the playground, but if there isn’t one within walking distance that can turn into a whole event.   Instead of packing everyone into the car or SUV for an excursion, try playing one of the yard games we found at Pioneer Woman.

Take Indoor Games Outside

There is currently an interior design trend encouraging everyone to “bring the outdoors in”. That’s great, but one thing that makes it hard to convince your family to head outdoors for some fresh air is how much there is to do inside. So we encourage you to do the opposite. Use these ideas to make a few indoor activities perfect for your backyard.

  • Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball: There is no rule that says ice cream must be made in the kitchen. With this ball, you can make ice cream in your front yard just by tossing it around.
  • DIY Backyard Bowling: Who says you need bowling shoes? Build this DIY bowling lane and you can bowl in your tennis shoes.

Supersize Your Table Games

Another way you can take the inside out is to turn your yard into a giant table for one of these supersized table games.

  • DIY Yard Yahtzee: This guide will show you how to turn wooden blocks into giant dice for the classic game.
  • DIY Lawn Dominoes: Make a set of oversized dominoes and turn your yard into the table for this game.
  • DIY Lawn Matching Game: Use painted cork tiles to recreate this memory game.

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Front Yard Classics

Sometimes you don’t need to come up with something fun and new. Instead, you should remember the classics. Check out these classic outdoor activities for an afternoon of good times.

  • DIY Sidewalk Chalk: You can use this guide to make your own chalk or purchase chalk and start making sidewalk art right away.
  • DIY Horseshoe Game Set: See who has the best aim with this DIY horseshoe set.
  • DIY Potato Sack Race: All you need for this game is a burlap sack, but if you have time, you can paint it too.

If you’ve exhausted all of the yard games you can play, visit Tempe Kia and we’ll help you find a set of wheels that can take you off-road on an outdoor adventure.

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