Get Your Closet Ready For Summertime With These 7 Steps

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Get Your Closet Ready For Summertime With These 7 Steps

As the seasons will soon change once again, you will need to transition into your summer wardrobe. Thankfully, there is not as big of a change moving from spring to summer, but there are still somethings you will want to consider as you clean out and organize your closet. California Closets offers a few tips on preparing your summer wardrobe. Get your closet ready for summertime with these seven steps.

Remove Unwanted Items

Before you can attend to the clothes you want in your closet for summer, you need to remove unwanted items. Take any winter items or clothes for cooler weather out of your closet. As you take the winter clothes out of your closet, assess each piece. Consider getting rid of items that you did not wear, clothes with blemishes, or pieces that no longer fit.

Wash Stored Clothes

Before you pack away the winter clothes you want to keep, you should wash your clothes. Do not just wash your clothes, but stain or treat your winter pieces as well. When you clean your winter clothes and store them, they will be ready to wear when the winter season comes around.

Select the Correct Location

When you go to store your cold weather clothes, consider where you put them. Your clothes should not be kept in a musty, warm place. That kind of atmosphere invites insects and mildew. Both of these are not what you want for your clothes. Make sure to keep your clothes in a dark, cool place.

Get Your Closet Ready for Summer Clothes

The next step is to prep your closet space or wherever you plan on keeping your summer clothes. Wipe down the inside of your closet or the drawers of your nightstands. You may also want to take a vacuum to clean the closet floor.

Bring Out Your Summer Clothes

After you clean your closet, you will bring out your summer clothes. Pull out your summer clothes from wherever you have stored them. Assess each article of clothing, shoes, and accessories. See if there is any piece that is out of style, doesn’t fit, or shabby. There also may be some clothes that you no longer want. You can donate or sell those items. If you sell them, you can use the money to go towards any new summer pieces that you need.

Organize Clothes & Accessories

Once you have all the clothing and accessories that you want for the summer, you can begin organizing them in your closet. A good rule of thumb is to organize your clothes by category, such as professional clothes, workout clothes, and evening clothes. After you organize by category, you can then color coordinate each section.

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Purchase Any Necessary Storage Items

There may be some pieces that you cannot hang up in the closet. For items like bathing suit cover ups, exercise clothes, etc., you can buy storage items like bins or baskets. This will keep your closet neat and organized for the summer.

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