Get Your Home Ready For Spring With These Tips

February 20th, 2023 by

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Spring cleaning is here! While your house and your mind benefit from a deep clean, spring cleaning can be overwhelming. If you are not sure where to start or the best way to clean, The Spruce has these tips for you! No matter if you need the inspiration or to feel less overwhelmed, let these tips help you this year.

Take it One Step at a Time

Instead of seeing everything that needs to get done, take your cleaning room by room. Do this by focusing on the rooms of your home neglected during the winter. By starting with the most neglected rooms, you are tackling the problem rooms first. Plus, by the time you get to rooms cleaned more frequently, it will feel like a walk in the park. It also helps to have checklists for each room so you do not miss deep cleaning anything.

Do Seasonal Chores

Seasonal chores seem tedious and can be overwhelming, however, they are necessary. As soon as warm weather peeks through, start cleaning your yard, patio, garage, grill, and the outside of the windows. You can also start to pack and put away seasonal clothes and bedding when you know warm weather is here to stay.

Keep Your Products Down

While specialty cleaners seem interesting and must-needs for spring cleaning, the truth is that excess causes more clutter. Invest in microfiber clothes and a quality all-purpose cleaner. Then, if you need some specialty cleaners, like stainless steel polish, buy only what is necessary. By keeping your products down, you are keeping your house clean and organized. Plus, saving some money on cleaning supplies you might not even need.

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Organizing and Decluttering

Decluttering and organizing your home is the most effective way to maintain cleanliness throughout the year. Start with your clutter by analyzing the problems and then sorting what stays, gets put away, gets donated, or is thrown away. Then, organize by categories and systems that make sense for you and your family for easy maintenance. However you organize, prioritize what your family needs and systems that work for you. If you do not pick systems that work for you and your family, the success of keeping a space organized goes down and the chance of clutter goes up.

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