How To Make A DIY Sequined Christmas Tree Skirt

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Christmas sequin decor

You are ready to trim the tree for Christmas this year. The lights are out, the ornaments are ready, and there are spools of beautiful ribbon. You spend time methodically placing each decoration on the limbs of the tree, and you top it all off with a brilliant star. You look down at the bottom of the tree and realize that something is missing. The tree doesn’t look quite complete. You need a tree skirt. It can be difficult to find one that is not only stylish, but also the right size for your tree.

You can solve your problems of right the proper tree skirt size by making your own sequined Christmas tree skirt.

Supplies Needed For the Skirt


To begin this DIY project, you will fold the gold fabric into a square. You will then take the pencil and tie a piece of string to it, like a compass. You will need to cut the string to half of the diameter that you wish to have for the tree skirt plus half an inch.

You will then hold the end of string at one corner of the square of gold-fabric, and from one edge of square to the other, you will draw a smooth curved line. Repeat the step to create a smaller opening for the center. Use a length of string that is just about half as wide as the trunk of your tree.

With the fabric scissors, you will cut the fabric out along the pencil lines. You will then open the fabric and make a slit by cutting from the center opening to outer edge. Repeat the entire process one more time with another piece of gold linen fabric.

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You will then take the two pieces of gold linen fabric. Make sure both front sides are facing outwards. Iron the two pieces together to make sure they are smooth, then sew the pieces together. The last step will be to scatter the multiple-sized paillettes along outer edge of skirt, which you will then stitch on by hand.

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