How To Select The Right Pumpkin This Season

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How to select the perfect pumpkin

At some point during the fall season, you will probably visit a pumpkin patch with your friends and family. As you scan the fields and booths filled with pumpkins, the selection can be a bit overwhelming with the wide variety. You want a pumpkin that will last the entire fall season, but how do you pick out the perfect pumpkin for you? There are some things to be mindful of when you are selecting your pumpkins for the season. Better Homes & Gardens offers five helpful tips on how to select the right pumpkin.

Green Stems = Good

If you saw two tree saplings at a garden nursery, one with green leaves and the other with brown leaves, then you would know that the tree with the green leaves was alive and healthy and you would opt for that tree. Then why would you not do the same when looking at the stems of a pumpkin? A pumpkin with a green stem is a healthy and sound pumpkin.

Sounds About Right

While we are on the subject of sound pumpkins, make sure that you are paying attention to the pumpkins you are thinking about getting by listening to them. Just like you thump your melons, you need to thump your pumpkins before purchasing. A perfectly ripe pumpkin will have a deep and hollow sound.

Do the Touch Test

While you should listen to your pumpkins, nothing beats the touch test. Poke around. Do you feel any soft spots? Keep those pumpkins where they are. You want a pumpkin that is firm when you press a finger onto the skin of the pumpkin.

Pay Attention to Cuts

Along with avoiding soft, spongy spots on a pumpkin, you need to steer clear of pumpkins that have cuts or bruises. These will not last all season as they are likely to be susceptible to infection, causing the pumpkin to rot quickly.

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Choose Unique Pumpkins

While you carefully shop for healthy pumpkins, make sure to have some fun with your selections. You do not have to go with the standard round orange pumpkin. There is a great variety of pumpkins that have different shapes, colors, and even textures. Make your porch stand out from every other one in the neighborhood by choosing different pumpkins.

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