Spectacular Ideas For A Fall Road Trip

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Ideas for fall road trip

Sandy and Danny may have sung about those ‘summer nights,’ but they must not have considered those autumn nights, fall mornings, and the splendid afternoons of the harvest season. While many go on summer vacation, they miss out on the splendor of a road trip in autumn. Whether your children are on fall break or you simply want a getaway weekend with your significant other this season, a fall road trip is a splendid idea. Need some inspiration on what to do on your vacation? Matador Network offers ideas for an excellent fall road trip.

Cruising for the Views

Two words: fall foliage. Though it happens every year, it never ceases to delight everyone as we see the leaves turn from green to vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. Make the most of this magical part of nature by choosing routes for your road trip that have the best views of the fall foliage. There are many overlooks or other viewing areas on these routes where you can pull over to take in the gorgeous vistas that display the dazzling fall leaves.

Embrace the Harvest Season Clichés

If someone were to ask what stereotypical things are there to do during the fall season, it would not take you long to come up with a list. While these activities may be a cliché from people doing them autumn after autumn, they are fall favorites for a reason. During your fall road trip, do not resist these activities. Instead, embrace visiting the corn mazes, the pumpkin patches, and apple orchards. The corn mazes can be fun to traverse through, and there are many fabulous treats to savor at the apple orchards and pumpkin patches, in addition to the apples and pumpkins you can take home with you.

Make Your Vehicle Cozy

Do not forget that this is a road trip. While you want ideas for the stops along the way, there will be a lot of time spent in the car itself. It is advised then that you keep your car’s cabin cozy. Make sure that both your A/C and heater are working properly before you set off by scheduling service with a reliable service center like the one at Tempe Kia. Prepare for your road trip by also getting plenty of snacks and drinks for you and your traveling companions. You may also want to pack blankets, pillows, and wool socks for everyone to be comfortable during the drive. For fun, create an awesome playlist for the road trip.

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Make the Most of the Holiday Season

The fall season has Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you are planning a road trip for the fall, then you may want to consider these holidays as you travel. For those who enjoy spooky things, you could put a ghost tour on your itinerary. Maybe the highway that your route is on will have an amusement park along the way. If it does, then see if the park has a fright night.

Alternatively, you could use the Thanksgiving weekend to cross two hurdles with one leap – plan a road trip and visit family members out of state. If you are going to see family for Thanksgiving, make the trip a vacation. Find fun fall attractions to check out along the way. Make the most of the fall and the holidays of the season by planning your next road trip!

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