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January 2nd, 2023 by

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Smartphones and cars are both made for people on the go. When you get going in a new Kia car or SUV, you can combine the utility of both with Kia Connect. Formerly known as UVO link, Kia Connect offers a selection of convenient technology options at your fingertips, allowing for user-friendly remote access to your vehicle’s features.

Access from Anywhere

With Kia Connect, you have control over your car’s onboard tech, and you can perform certain functions before you ever even enter your vehicle. With the Kia Access app, you can start your engine, check out vehicle info, and more via your Apple or Android device. You can also use the Remote Climate Control to adjust the heating and cooling inside your cabin, ensuring a comfortable interior on chilly mornings as well as sweltering summer days. If you’re every away from your vehicle and can’t remember if you locked it or not, you can use the remote door lock to take care of it for peace of mind no matter where your car is parked.

Remote Reminders

Have you ever stepped out into a bustling city or crowded parking lot only to realize you don’t remember where you parked? If you parking spot ever slips your memory, you can use the Find My Car feature to pinpoint your vehicle and head straight to it with convenient directions. If you ever leave something very important in the second or third row, you can also get a notification via the Rear Occupant Alert feature. Built-in sensors in the passenger rows can pick up on movement after you’ve locked your doors, and can then send you a reminder to come back to your vehicle for anyone left behind.

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Tempe Kia

If you want to enjoy the comfort and convenience that Kia is known for, we invite you to come take a look around our new vehicle selection here in Tempe.

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