Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes For Back To School

August 8th, 2022 by

chia seed pudding

The first month of school is in session. And you know what that means – life is about to get a little crazy. You are back to juggling early school mornings, bedtimes, long lists of homework and assignments, and of course, keeping the family happy, healthy, and fed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is crucial for young, developing brains. Your little ones will crush the school year and you’ll save time in the kitchen with these make-ahead breakfast recipes!

Easy Overnight Pudding

You have probably seen this simple and nutritious idea all over Tik Tok and Facebook. Overnight Chia Pudding can be prepped in seconds, and it’s the fuel your child needs to kick start the school day. All you need is a jar, a few spoonfuls of chia seeds, the milk of your choice, and optional add-ins like maple syrup, vanilla syrup, and coconut. Top with fruit or eat it plain!

CrockPot Breakfast Casserole

If your family craves a more hearty breakfast, that can be a time challenge. You don’t have to dirty up several pans or cook up many recipes when you use this CrockPot Wonder recipe. It combines egg, hash browns, breakfast sausage, and cheese. Prep this delicious treat on a Sunday or overnight. Throw it in some containers and let everyone enjoy a yummy breakfast on the way to school. Pro tip: top with gravy or ketchup for some added flavor!

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Breakfast Parfait

Who doesn’t love creamy yogurt for breakfast? It’s easy on the tummy and has plenty of health benefits to offer, including probiotics. If you layer the ingredients correctly, you can prep these one-cup-wonders. Include fresh fruit, cereal, granola, and any other toppings like honey. If you want to offer your kiddos a morning treat, chocolate chips are the perfect touch!

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