Spend The Day At Butterfly Wonderland

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monarch butterfly on aster flower

Spread your wings and let your family fly into fun at Butterfly Wonderland! Enjoy a fun day in nature, learning about the rainforest and butterflies at the nation’s largest butterfly conservatory. Explore all Butterfly Wonderland has to offer and show your kids the beauty of nature!

About Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland is the largest butterfly conservatory in America! Enjoy a 3D movie experience about butterfly migration, the conservatory, the Butterfly Emergence Gallery, the Rainforest Reptiles exhibit, the Honey Bee exhibit, Tropical Waters of the World exhibit, and eat some edible insects! No matter what you or your family might like, Butterfly Wonderland has options for everyone.

Butterfly Wonderland is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the last group being admitted at 4:00 pm. Plus, tickets allow re-entry on the same day of purchase so you can enjoy all the sights and fun of the Arizona Boardwalk!

Explore The Conservatory

The conservatory at Butterfly Wonderland is home to 70 different species of butterflies that would never have met otherwise! Enjoy a nice relaxing stroll through the conservatory to observe each one. Watch how they interact with each other, sip nectar to pollinate the flowers, fly around, and maybe even catch a butterfly emerging from its cocoon! Plus, you will see colorful Koi fish, tropical finches, and two chickens enjoying the conservatory with you.

Group Events

Butterfly Wonderland offers group events for everyone! Make a birthday special by celebrating with them, or plan a fun school field trip that matches your current curriculum. If you are a preschool or homeschool group, Butterfly Wonderland has events for you too! Plus private and corporate groups are welcome too. Or any group of friends that wants to explore Butterfly Wonderland together in a different way! Butterfly wonderland also offers special perks for Arizona Boardwalk members. No matter your group, consider Butterfly Wonderland as an option for your next get-together!

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Butterfly Wonderland Newsletter

The Butterfly Wonderland Newsletter is a great way to keep up with what is happening! Enjoy first looks at behind-the-scenes details and changes, upcoming events, special deals, and more! You can even get the scoop on other Arizona Boardwalk attractions.

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