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For many, the school year has already started, so check out these helpful tips to get organized this school year by Good Housekeeping. When your child has a better-organized binder, notebook, bookbag, or lunchbox, it can help relieve some stress about starting the school year. No matter what grade your child is preparing to enter, it’s a good idea to help them get organized and stay organized. Your child can be better prepared to tackle daily tasks when they feel organized, and you can help them do just that with these tips. You can implement these tips and tricks into your home organization, so your kids are prepared, no matter if they are at home or school.

Organization Tips

Lunch Boxes With Compartments – A lunch box with compartments can help keep food items separated so there is no mess or spills. If your kids are picky and won’t eat food that touches other food, then this is a great way to make sure the food is organized.

Organize Their Lockers – If your child has a locker and needs help keeping it clean, there are several locker organization items to do just that. You can add a shelf that helps add extra space so your child’s books aren’t crammed into the same area.

Label Everything – Color coding is great, but if your kids are forgetful, it may be easier to label all their notebooks so they can keep up with which notebook goes to which class. Each teacher is different and may require specific labeling, so you can also wait until after the first day of school to label items.

Set Up A Laundry Schedule – This is a great at-home way to stay organized. This is also great if your kids wear uniforms so they can always have clean clothes to wear to school.

Get A Planner – Planners can help kids keep up with tests, quizzes, and homework assignments. This allows your kids to work on time management, especially if they play sports or are involved in extracurricular activities.

Set A Sleep And Wake Routine – One way to help your child’s brain stay organized is to schedule a sleep and wake routine so they always go to bed at a particular time and wake up at a specific time.

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Get Organized For The Upcoming School Year

When you’re ready to start organizing your child’s school supplies and essentials, head to the store to stock up on all the necessary supplies. Each child may need something different when it comes to organization, so pay attention to their needs. For example, for younger kids, you may only need personalized labels for notebooks and book bags. Your older kids may need help organizing notebooks for each class, or if you have college-age students, you may need dorm organization items.

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