Stop By Otto’s Pizza And Pastry For Dinner

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When you stop by Otto’s Pizza and Pastry for dinner, you may be pleasantly surprised. You see, Otto’s has everything you want in a pizza joint – including pasta, calzones, and more. But what you might not expect to see is French food on the menu. That’s right, the owner – Otto, himself – hails from France, moving here to Arizona in 1992.

French Food

First things first, cuisine from Otto’s homeland. Consider the ham or turkey croissant, chicken croissant, ham or turkey Monte Cristo, veggie Monte Cristo, roast beef Monte Cristo, and other options.


There are mouth-watering appetizers on the menu that may be too tempting to pass up. How can you choose between the breadsticks, hot wings, and cheese sticks?


Otto’s offers several salads on the menu, such as the dinner, Greek, Greek tomato, chef, turkey, Caesar, and a few others you might enjoy.


The restaurant offers many of the traditional toppings you might expect, but there are also several gourmet options you may want to consider. These include Otto Spicy, Otto Rainbow, Otto Mia, Otto Greek, Otto White, Otto Cape Cod, Otto Philly, Otto Supreme, and many others.

Calzones And Pizza Rolls

Otto’s offers several different calzone options including a meatball calzone, veggie calzone, and other choices. If you’d rather have a pizza roll, there is a Greek pizza roll, meat pizza roll, chicken or meatball pizza roll, or veggie pizza roll.

Spaghetti And Ravioli

There are several different spaghetti options available, each served with homemade sauce. Likewise, there are a variety of ravioli choices.

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Family-Run Business

Otto has been running the restaurant for a while now, and he’s become a fixture in the place. But you can also find several members of his family working there. Go for a meal at Otto’s and you might find his wife, daughters, brothers, nephews, or nieces pitching in.

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