Take The Whole Family To Makutu’s Island

October 10th, 2022 by

boy playing in indoor play center - Makutu's Island

If you’re hunting for something to do this weekend, plan a family trip to Makutu’s Island. The jungle themed family fun center has enough attraction to keep you and your family busy all day. Your kids will have so much fun they’ll want to go back again and again.

What is Makutu’s Island All About

Well, fun, for starters. The fun house was originally built and designed by Disney as a regional children’s play center. It would be similar to Chuck-E-Cheese. The play zone was originally called Club Disney. However, Disney didn’t continue the project. Fortunately, much of the fun center was already completed and it was rethemed as Makutu’s Island. Makutu’s Island means “magic island,” and when you and your children step inside the lush tropical indoor island, you’ll understand where it got its name. The Island has it’s own fun animal characters and plenty of activities that your family will love. Explore some of their indoor attractions below.

What to Do at Makutu’s Island

The center piece of Makutu’s Island is a huge indoor tree. The tree is filled with an eclectic mashup of island themed things for your little ones to explore. They can crawl through the winding tunnels in the branches of the tree in search of adventure. Then they can trek through the connected tunnels and across the rope bridges to spiraling slides, mole hills and hidden caves. They’ll be able to let their imagination run wild as they traipse though the island jungle and zip down the snake slide, which is one of the island’s biggest thrills. The snake slide coils around the trunk of the tree from the fourth level to the bottom creating a 35-foot journey for your child to embark on.

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What Else to Enjoy at Makutu’s Island

In addition to the play structure, Makutu’s Island includes a café called Kiki’s Café, an arcade, and a designated play area for toddlers, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. It also has private rooms for parties and events.

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