Upcycle An Old Vase With These Tips

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ceramic vases in different colors
Do you have an old vase around the house that doesn’t really go well with its surroundings? Maybe you’ve seen a vase, flower pot, or other vessels at a thrift shop and love the shape, but not necessarily the design on its surface. If that’s the case, you can give that vase a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. With this clever painting technique, you can enhance the vase’s appearance and texture with a remarkable DIY ceramic or terracotta effect.

Mixing the Paint

Collective Gen has a recipe for creating your own textured paint that will lend a terracotta-like look and feel to the vase you want to upcycle. To make the paint, you’ll need to start with a water-based wall paint in any color you prefer. You can always use warm, earthy hues to recreate a natural clay color, but feel free to go with your personal favorite, or something that will match the setting where your vase will stay. For each cup of paint, add a tablespoon of baking powder, and mix the two ingredients in a plastic container. Remember to use the paint mix quickly, as it will dry and set within a brief window of time once you add the baking powder. The mix should have a mousse-like consistency, and if it still seems too fluid, you can thicken it further with a little more powder.

Give it Some Grit

The thick paint will give your vase a unique feel, but the brush you use will also influence the dried texture in the end. If you want a more detailed surface, use a bristle brush. If you’re going for smooth and consistent, reach for your foam brush. It will likely take a couple of coats to achieve the full effect, and remember that you’ll need to let the first coat dry for about an hour before applying the second layer.

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