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Buy vs. Lease

Buy vs. Lease a New Car in Tempe, AZ

Although buying – usually financing – a new car is the most common way that people get a new car, you can also lease a new car and get all of the benefits of a new ride plus several benefits that aren’t available when you finance. Which option is best for you? It depends on several factors, but both options help our Tempe, AZ customers drive home in the new Kia vehicle they love. Let’s explore the differences between buying and leasing to find out which is right for you!

The Differences Between Buying and Leasing a New Car

The biggest difference is in the terms themselves – when you lease a new car, you won’t own the car when your payments end as you would if you bought and financed the car. With a lease, you’re making monthly payments to utilize the car rather than making monthly installments on the auto loan that you took out to buy the car.

When you finance, the car is yours to keep for as long as you wish; you can trade-in before the loan is paid off, drive the car for 20 years, or anything in between, though most people keep the car for several years past the duration of their loan. When you lease, you’ll drive the car for a set amount of time, usually a couple of years, then trade-in when the lease terms end. At the end of your lease, you can start another lease on a new car or finance a new car. Because leases are usually much shorter than financing terms, you’ll be able to drive new cars every few years so that you always have the latest and greatest Kia vehicle.

Another big difference between buying and leasing is the amount you’ll pay each month. Though it varies based on the price of the car, down payment, credit, and other factors, those who lease often have significantly lower payments each month than those who finance. All in all, leasing is a great option for drivers who want low monthly payments and the ability to drive something new every few years while financing is best for those who like to drive one car for many years.

Buy or Lease a New Car at Tempe Kia

Whether you decide that financing or leasing is best for you, we’ll help you get a great deal here at Tempe Kia. We have a large selection of your favorite Kia vehicles, so browse our inventory online then come stop by for a test drive! When it’s time to work out the details of your lease contract or financing loan, our finance center will make the process smooth and easy. We look forward to shopping with you soon at Tempe Kia.

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